November 2020 Issue MENASCO Ranked 11 MEP Contractors 2020

MENASCO is Delighted to Have Been Part of MEP Middle East

Menasco Mechanical Contracting to draw on as it adapts to the 'new normal' served up by 2020. But even before the disruption of coronavirus the company was pushing more innovative ways of working, specifically highlighting the benefits of prefabricated MEP modular units. As part of its strategy to expand services horizontally, in 2016 the company formed MACS Modular Systems as an independent prefab modular MEP solutions company to service internal projects and external clients.

Deputy Managing Director Bahaa Badawiyeh said: "Behind the name of Menasco stands an experienced and highly dedicated and professional team that works together to deliver and maintain the highest standard of products/services in electromechanical contracting and satisfy our valued clients. The availability of adequately highly skilled labours in the MEP team is the most vital element for the successful completion of every project.

"Menasco's growth and development also focus on internal efficiencies of our staff, labour and supervision.

"Menasco has managed and continues to maintain its training programmes for our current staff - we used direct training on-site where applicable, test stations, test packs, HSE and safety training and drills.

We are sure to utilise continuous development to provide quality workmanship which is essential for the company's success Menasco has forecast revenues in excess of $200million over the next 12 months, with management identifying an increase in demand for facility management related to MEP and infrastructure work projects as areas of opportunity in 2021.